So many members have been pitching in to help! Thank you, all.

Katherine in the kitchen, making sure we have coffee for the events, plus all those who help by making it when needed. Geri, Nita, Kathleen and others for providing an endless selection of delectable cookies. Special thanks to Nita for donating the hotdog cooker!

Jim has reorganized the bar and enlisted certified servers to cover the days that members would like to have a drink. Submit any requests for certain spirits to the bar, or via the Comments logo here on the bottom right.

A committee consisting of Lynn, Jim and George has done battle with – and refrained, just barely, from throwing laptops through the window because of – the federal grant application process for New Horizons. It is intended to cover about half the cost of a new underlay for our Indoor Green. Fingers crossed…

Our facilities are kept clean, tables and chairs are continually realigned as needed, and new activities are being added inside. The shuffleboard table and dart board have been joined by a ping-pong table (donated by ?).

Mike has completed the onerous task of installing a new cap on the outdoor Green’s plith (the wooden edge of the playing surface) and the top boards behind the ditch. A dedicated crew – Jim, Ross, Graham, Willie, Charles, and Garry – are raising the height of the grass around the Green by slicing off the surface and reinstalling it higher to make it level.

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Charles, Jim, Mike
Heavy Lifting
Jim & Charles

Jim has supervised the first run at levelling the Outdoor Green. This will likely need 2 years to fully complete, though there is a perceptible improvement already. Next spring he will make sure the sprinklers provide a more even spread so that the water does not overload some sections while keeping others dry. Those changes will help to speed up the Green, making it easier to deliver bowls (accurately) across the full length of each rink.

The Games Committee – Marcia, James, David D., Mike, Helen, George – are actively organizing a “Super League” that will be a regional competitive league for those who need more than a game of friendly bowls.

The ever-present fungus growth over winter is being attacked by George, when the weather allows.

As was demonstrated at the AGM, we need your comments and suggestions to improve things. The Board will listen and act as time, money and conditions permit.

You are invited to have your say via this website’s Comments feature, or drop a note through the office door’s mail slot. Do sign your notes, please, so the Board can reply to you.

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Of course, that’s Adrian at the back wall, photobombing