Premier League-Tuesday

The final round of the Premier League for this season will start on 20 February.

There are openings still available in the league. The current signups are here:

Adrian Hewitt, Brent Jansen, David Gardner, Dennis Verge, George Opacic, Geri Stewart, Gopal Gowda, Helen Roberts, James MacDonald, John Eyre,  Lorane Martin, Lynn Chwartacki, Mike Ward, Ross Nakagawa, Vern Hagstrom, Ziutka Hundley.

Spares: Ken Davies

This league started its 3rd session on 16 January and the final games of the season will be played on 2 April 2024.

The final 2 games of the 2023 session of the league were held on 12 December. Congratulations to the top 4 players:

Winner, David Gardner

2nd place, Jan Hansen

3rd place Martin Fereday

4th place, George Opacic

Thank to Pete Smith for the picture of the winners: