Session 1

The top players for Session 1 are:

Monday Mens Pairs – Mick Banks, Charles MacIntyre
Monday Mixed Triples – Sandi Mitchell, Jon Lansdowne, Jim Muir
Tuesday Womens Pairs – Lynn Chwartacki, Linda Cooper
Tuesday Mixed Triples – Vern Hagstrom, Dean Thompson, Linda Cooper
Wednesday Open Aussie Pairs – Ken Bucyk, Carol Bucyk
Wednesday Scramble – Bryan Olson
Wednesday Singles – Erik Ewen
Thursday Mixed Pairs – Martin Fereday, Chris Fereday
Thursday Scotch Pairs – Not Declared
Thursday Evening Triples – The Refreshment Stand
Friday Open Pairs – Not Declared
Friday Scramble – 3 way tie – Mike Ward, Pam Coward, Gail Tisdale
Saturday Open Pairs – Suzanne Ewen, Luci Ewen