Phase 2 INDOOR Guidelines


Club Facility

The only part of the clubhouse open to members will be the Indoor Green, and adjacent washrooms; entrance corridor and cloakroom facility through the Indoor entrance.

There will be No Access to any other part of the clubhouse.

Instructions for usage of the washrooms will be posted. There will be a limit of one person at a time.

Bowler Responsibility

  • Bowlers will use their own bowls which must be cleaned and sanitized prior to arrival. No Grippo on bowls!
  • Indoor club bowls will not be available.
    – Bowlers must bring their own water, hand sanitizer etc.
  • Bowlers will be able to use club washroom facilities as noted above.
  • Extra hand sanitizer will be available in strategic positions.

Booking a Practice Time

  • All session bookings will be made on the Club’s website , not more than a week in advance
  • A daily log-in sheet will be kept and supervised by the session supervisor.

Medical Screening & Waiver

  • A Medical Screening questionnaire must be filled in and signed by every bowler before their first session.
  • A Waiver Form must be read and signed before their first session by bowlers if not completed during the outdoor season.
  • Every subsequent visit, the bowler must sign the daily log-in sheet to reaffirm that their medical circumstances have not changed since filling in their original questionnaire.

Use of the Indoor Green

  • The green will be used as outlined by Bowls Canada in their ‘Phase 1’ guidelines document and the Bowls BC Phase 2 guidelines document.        
  • Only rinks 1 and 3 will be used. No more than four people per rink.
  • Jacks will be placed or set by one person on each team only (not delivered).
  • Rubber mats and indoor rakes will be used. Please pre-assign who will be touching the mat and rack at either end of the rink.

Equipment Usage

  • The only Club equipment to be used are jacks, mats and rakes. 
  • The rakes will be set out and sanitized by the session supervisor before each session.
  • Only one assigned person on each end of the rink will use the rake.
  • There will be two sanitized jacks, two sanitized mats and two sanitized rakes provided for each rink per session.

Please keep in mind that the principle is to have only the one assigned player touch each of the pieces of equipment. This will keep all players safe.

  • Only use your personal bowls. Do not touch other bowls.

Club action if there is an outbreak within the membership

  • If an outbreak should occur, all Club activities will be suspended until the cause of the outbreak has been determined and corrective measures have been documented and implemented.


  • These Guidelines will be published and made available to all Club members.
  • Every member attending the Club shall sign an acknowledgement that they have read, understand and will follow these Guidelines.

Session Supervisor

  • There will be a volunteer Club member in attendance during every bowling session.
  • Their duties will be:

             1. Supervise each session with respect to bookings and rink assignments.

             2. Sanitize the jacks mats and rakes before each session.

             3. Check the washroom facilities and sanitize when necessary.

             4. Ensure that the bowlers are following the Club Guidelines.

Procedures for Conducting Draws

Online registration will be via the Club’s website at not more than one week in advance.

Types of Games

Games allowed at this time are; practice, singles, pairs or cutthroat. There will be no triples games allowed at this time.

Number of Jacks

The number of jacks for each rink will be two. One for each team. Whichever team wins the end may set their jack for the next end. The same person on the team will always set their jack. Jacks will be sanitized prior to and after each session.

Equipment Use

Two white mats will be used per rink. One for each team. The same person on the team will always handle their mat. Mats will be sanitized prior to and after each session.

Length of Games

The length of sessions (or games) will be limited to 1 hr 30 minutes.

Physical Distancing

Every bowler will be made aware of the need for physical distancing. Posters will be placed in strategic positions and the session volunteer will monitor players. Masks must be worn at all times will inside the facilities.

Measuring Winning Shots

Only one person will measure winning shots using their personal measuring device.

Clubhouse Usage

The Clubhouse kitchen and other areas are closed to ALL members. The washrooms by the Indoor green area are available and will be sanitized after each use by the session supervisor.


There will be no visitors or spectators permitted at this time.