Phase 2 Guidelines


 Approved July 16th 2020 – 1st revision August 14th 2020.

2nd revision February 7th 2021

Club Facility

  • The only part of the clubhouse open to members will be one set of washrooms by the Kitchen.
  • There will be No Access to any other part of the clubhouse.
  • Instructions for usage of the washrooms will be posted.
  • Sanitization of the washrooms, access doors etc. will be carried out as per the guidelines published by the BC Centre for Disease Control.
  • Any other equipment (greens maintenance will be regularly sanitized.

Bowler Responsibility

  • Masks must be worn when not bowling.
  • Bowlers must maintain physical distancing at all times.
  • Food and beverage will not be served.
  • Bowlers must bring their own water, hand sanitizer etc.
  • Bowlers will be able to use the one set of club washroom facilities.
  • Extra hand sanitizer will be available.

Booking a Bowling Session

  • There will be an online booking system in place on the Club website,
  • A daily log-in sheet will be kept for each session and supervised by the session volunteer.

Medical Screening and Waiver

  • A medical screening questionnaire and liability waiver must be filled in and signed by each bowler before their first visit.
  • Every subsequent visit the bowler must sign the daily log-in sheet to reaffirm that their Medical circumstances have not changed since filling in their original questionnaire.

Use of the Green

  • The green will be used as outlined by Bowls Canada in their ‘Phase 1’ guidelines document and Bowls BC ‘Phase 2’ Guidelines document.
  • Alternate rinks will be used (i.e., 1, 3, 5, 7 or 2, 4, 6, 8). No more than 4 bowlers per rink.
  • Jacks will be set by one person on each rink only (not delivered)

Equipment Usage

  • The only club equipment to be used are jacks, mats and rakes.
  • There will be two sanitized jacks, two sanitized mats and two sanitized rakes provided for each rink per session. All sanitized by the session supervisor prior to each session.
  • Only one person on each rink will touch and set the jacks, mats and rakes. (share between the two teams)
  • Only usage of personal bowls will be allowed. Other bowls not to be touched.
  • If club bowls are needed, the member will be assigned a set of bowls and the member will be responsible for the bowls until there is a change in circumstances.

Club action if there is an outbreak within the members

  • If an outbreak should occur of club member(s), all club activities will be suspended until the cause of the outbreak has been determined and corrective procedures have been documented and implemented.


  • These guidelines will be published and made available to all club members.
  • Every member attending the club will sign an acknowledgement that they have read, understood and will follow the Club Guidelines.

Session Supervisor

  • There will be a volunteer, non bowling, club member in attendance during every bowling session.
  • Their duties will be:

1. Supervise each session

2. Sanitize Jacks, Mats and Rakes before each session.

3. Check washroom facilities and sanitize when necessary.

4. Ensure that the bowlers are following the Club Guidelines.

    Details of Duties on separate sheet.

Procedures for Conducting Draws

  • Online registration will be via the club website at

Types of Games

  • Games allowed at this time are singles, pairs, cutthroat and coaching.
  • No triples games allowed at this time.

Use of Jacks

  • There will be two sanitized jacks provided for each rink handled only by one Skip. The winning Skip will either set the next jack or ask the other Sip to set it in place depending on which skip is the jack handler. Jacks will be sanitized prior to and after each session.

Length and Format of Game

  • 10 end pairs games or cutthroat during daily draws.
  • Combination on different sessions of pairs open draws and teams of choice.
  • Possible monthly pairs competitions and a cutthroat league.

Physical Distancing and Use of Masks

  • Every bowler will be made aware of the need for Physical Distancing (Three Meters). Posters will be in place at strategic positions.
  • When not on the Green, face masks must be worn at all times by Bowlers. Supervisors must wear masks while on the facilities. Posters in place.
  • Supervisor will monitor the bowlers.

Measuring Winning Shots

  • Only one person will measure winning shots using their personal device.
  • Bowls in the head must not be handled.

Clubhouse Usage

  • Clubhouse kitchen and other areas are closed to ALL members.
  • The washrooms near the kitchen are available for use and will be sanitizes after each usage by the session supervisor.

Bowlers/Visitors & Spectators

  • NO visitors or spectators allowed.
  • The Club acknowledges that we can sign up new members.
  • The club agrees not to exceed the number of bowlers at the club (in all areas) as set out by the PHO.
  • All bowlers and volunteers will initially sign, in full, a waiver, medical questionnaire and a form stating they have read and will adhere to the Guidelines before their first bowling session. After that they will sign the login sheet each time they bowl or volunteer acknowledging that their circumstances have not changed since signing the initial waiver and medical questionnaire.