Guidelines – PHA Phase 3

The BC Public Health Authority “Phase 3” Guidelines are included in these Club Guidelines:





Declaration of COVID-19 Vaccination Status – BC Public Health Orders require full vaccination to participate in non-essential activities like bowling. As such, everyone on site must be vaccinated. The only exception are children under age 12, but must wear a mask at all times. Anyone who is not vaccinated and/or does not declare and prove their vaccination status cannot enter the building. Proof of status will be required prior to the first game played. We will continue to follow Island Health and PHO guidelines and update our health safety operating procedures accordingly. Thank you for cooperating during this health emergency.


Waivers – All members must sign the Club Waiver when initially registering. Please read it carefully.

Entering & Exiting the Building – Entering and exiting is permitted through the Indoor Entrance only. There will be No Access to any other part of the clubhouse. Please maintain social distancing as much as possible while in hallways.

Masks – Masks are mandatory while entering/exiting the building and in general-use areas. Masks are strongly recommended, though optional, during bowling. Please respect bowlers who may desire to wear a mask.

Cleaning – Surfaces, touch points, doors, and washrooms in all areas are cleaned and disinfected frequently. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available. Please sanitize your hands when entering the facility or touching multiple surfaces.

Washrooms – Please observe maximum occupancy numbers and social distancing protocol, and sanitize surfaces as necessary.

Bowls – The red and black club bowls should be sanitized before and after use.

Bowling equipment – Bowlers are responsible for cleaning their own equipment. Generally used equipment such as rakes will be sanitized before and after games. Scoreboards may be used.

Locker Room – The locker room will be open, and coats and outside shoes may be stored on hangers in the coat closet

Physical distancing – Physical distancing of 2 metres (6 feet) is recommended in all areas.

Spectators – Spectators are not permitted in the facility.


These conditions of play follow the Bowls BC Phase 3 guidelines document.

Vaccination Status – entry to the facility is restricted to members with confirmed vaccinations per the BC Services app. This is done during member registration, prior to their use of the facility.

Medical Screening & Waiver –  the Medical Screening Questionnaire must be confirmed during daily sign-in, and the Waiver must be filled in and signed by every bowler before their first session. The forms are available on the website:

On each visit all bowlers must sign the daily log-in sheet to reaffirm that their medical circumstances have not changed since filling in their original questionnaire.

Number of Bowlers – the maximum number of people in the facility at any one time shall not exceed 50, including the designated supervisor.

Rinks – all 3 rinks will be used. No more than six people per rink.

Club Equipment – rubber mats and indoor rakes will be used. The rakes will be set out and sanitized by the session supervisor before each session.

Bowls –  please use and touch only your own bowls. Please do not handle other bowls.

Games Format – bowling may be played as Singles, Pairs, Triples or Cutthroat, to be arranged by the supervisor.

Starting Play –  depending on the format, the assigned supervisor will set out who will play on which rink. Please arrive in time to prepare for play and confirm which rink you will be on.

Booking a Practice Time – all practice bookings will be made either by coaches or, when available, via the Club’s website. These bookings must be made at least 24 hours prior to the desired time and not more than a week in advance.