District Tournaments

North Island Tournaments registration for the 2022 outdoor season:

Please refer to each club’s website for details on how to register or consult the booklet printed by BVIN&PR games chair.

Entries for the QBLBC district tournaments can be made by emailing games@qblbc.ca

(Following Schedule was updated 24 April, 2022 re. Powell River, 11 August.)

District clubs and Games contacts:

Parksville https://www.parksvillelawnbowlingclub.com/ parksvillelbcgames@gmail.com

Nanaimo http://nanaimolawnbowling.com/ nanaimolbc@gmail.com

Port Alberni https://portalbernilawnbowling.com/ nealwilson@shaw.ca

Courtney https://www.courtneylbc.com/ games@courtneylbc.com

Powell River 46steelertom@gmail.com