Events in 2021

BC Day

photo by Ken Davies

Tuesday PAIRS Winners – Bryan and Carolyn. Congratulations!

Bryan and Carolyn

Mixed Triples RESULTS- FINAL

The Club Mixed Triples event for 24-25 July

1st Place – Jan, Pam, Willie. 2nd Place – Stu, Angie, Bryan. 3rd Place – Len, Gloria, Keith. Congratulations to all!

The first event this season is the Club Mixed Pairs held on 10-11 July 2021.

FIRST PLACE Allan and Geri; SECOND PLACE Erik and Marcia; THIRD PLACE George and Susanne; CONGRATULATIONS!

Here are the final results:

A full Green of smiling bowlers at our Canada Day bowling:

photo by President Ken (the one catching his breath on the right)