Calendar 2024

Mark down the next tournament’s date: 16-17 March. This is the Gavin & Pat Reid Memorial St. Patricks Day event, a club tournament.

The leagues are listed in their separate days. They can be accessed with the menu just under the Calendar or via their Menu items under Calendar 2024, above.

You will notice that the “Scrambles” are reverting back to the previous version with individual bowler names and room to enter your points for each game. New names may be added to the list as needed.

On each day for the Scramble leagues, bowlers may elect to draw names as for Open Draws. Winning team members may each enter their team score – 3 points for the win – on the league sheet. Ties are 2 points; a loss is 1 point.

For logged-in Members, an, online Spares List is available by clicking here.

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