NOT YET, PLEASE! Bookings for “Practice” will NOT be accepted at this time.

We will be accepting Outdoor Bowls bookings very soon. An email will be sent to announce the start date.

When we start, this will be the Bookings page. For your information:

PLEASE Help by entering only ONE person’s request with each booking. If an extra name is placed in the NOTES box, it will not be recorded in the system and an over-booking would result for that time slot.



The OUTDOOR Phase 2 Guidelines and the Medical Questionnaire must be read and agreed to.

Bowling may be done only by pre-booking on this website.

Bowlers should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to their booked time. Due to the current risk of virus transmission among our demographic, members are reminded that masks, social distancing and hand washing are the primary ways of staying safe.

Entry will be by the fence gate next to the patio. Proceed to the Supervisor’s desk on the patio for rink assignments and sign-in.

The mats and jacks must each be handled by the same bowler throughout the game. Please arrange that prior to starting.

The jack is placed by the same player for each end.

Each rake must be handled only by the designated bowler at each end.

Do not pick up or move bowls other than your own except with the rake.

No handshaking!

Scoreboards will not be used. If scores are kept, they should be marked on a card.

At the conclusion of your time, players must pick up only their own bowls.

The jacks and mats are returned to the Session Supervisor for sanitizing.

Please do not gather for conversation. It is safer to speak outside, at a distance.