Super League + Tournament

Vivien Sears RE/MAX

Super League Plus Tournament

28-29 January 2023

For information, please email >> <<

The 1st draw for the tournament will be:

DateTimeNameEmailTeam MembersHome Club
103-Jan8:01G Opacicgeorge[at]opalideas.comJ Nivison, C MacIntyreQB LBC
203-Jan8:08V Greenhillverckarm[at]hotmail.comD Penny, B ScherrCourtenay LBC
303-Jan8:25B Jansenbrentjansen[at] D Verge, G GowdaOak Bay +
403-Jan8:25P Smithpgmsmith[at]shaw.caD Gardner, L MartinGordon Head +
503-Jan9:14V Hagstromvernonh1[at]telus.netL Martin, L CooperNanaimo +
603-Jan9:39D Baldwindavbal7711[at]gmail.comS Baldwin, L ChwartackiWhite Rock +
703-Jan10:44M Feredaymartinchris[at]shaw.caC Fereday, K PerrinParksville LBC
803-Jan7:23pM Wardtwowards[at]gmail.comH Roberts, Z HundleyQB LBC
904-Jan9:50A Hewittdrnkthwtt[at]gmail.comJ Hansen, R NakagawaNanaimo LBC +
1005-Jan1:03pJ Irvineirvinepenny[at]hotmail.comB Ferguson, M ScharrCowichan LBC
1108-Jan5:05pP Hardingpeterhbay[at]telus.netH Devine, S McCollumCourtenay LBC
1219-Jan1:30pI Hammocksdreamcatcherbc[at]shaw.caB Cleary, G BrownbridgeCowichan LBC
emails have been obscured for protection from bots – to use an email, please replace the [at] with @

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