Super League + Tournament

Thank you to all who participated and helped out at this exciting event! Particularly, a round of applause to Nita for stepping up to sponsor this important tournament!

1st Place was won in a pressure packed match by Dave Baldwin, Sharon Baldwin and Lynn Chwartacki.

2nd place went to Brent Jansen, Larry Martin and Gopal Gowda

Tied at 3rd were: Dean Penny, Joe Randazzo and Shelley McCollum; Chris Windess, Adrian Hewitt and Ross Nakagawa.

Pool B players, plus others, thanking the sponsor, Nita Jack.

Pool A players

Previous Tournament:

Vivien Sears RE/MAX

Super League Plus Tournament

28-29 January 2023

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Winners were:

1st place: Pete Smith, Larry Martin and Dave Gardner – CONGRATULATIONS!

2nd place: Dave Baldwin,Sharon Baldwin and Lynn Chwartacki – CONGRATULATIONS!

3rd place: Martin Fereday, Chris Fereday and Karen Perrin – Congratulations!

4th place: Brent Jansen, Dennis Verge and Gopal Gowda – Way to go!

Here are some pictures…

Team pictures by Larry Martin

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