Lawn Bowling All Year

During the winter season, lawn bowlers generally hunker down to wait out the blustery winds and threats of white slippery stuff on roads. In our area, we are lucky to have a way of getting through winter in a pleasant environment: North America’s only lawn bowling facilities with Outdoor and Indoor bowling!

Of course, it is not actually a matter of “luck”. This great opportunity to exercise, for people of a certain age, is due to the efforts of volunteers who have pitched in over these many years to do the little things as well as the big things to keep our activity alive.

There’s Doug who comes out at least once a week, supervised by Liz, to vacuum the whole of the Indoor Green.

There’s Garry who quietly does many things, such as clean the parking lot of debris, handle the bar – with others like Nita and Shelley – and clean the many indoor parts of the building. Oh, and the Green during the summer,,,

There’s Geri, who variously masquerades as Santa’s chief Elf, the Leprechaun herder, Chef de current mission, and other disguises, all of which cheers us when we most need it.

There’s the irascible Mike, ably backed by a much more pleasant Helen, who worries over Dollar Spots and plinths and big green mats on the Outdoor Green. And Tee placement Indoors.

We have Phil, yes, the Treasurer, but also the Collector of Bottles, Cans and Anything Else that can net the club hundreds of dollars at the collection place.

There’s the Board, who must all have the thickest of skin to take the missiles tossed by a few who seek perfection.

And there are all the members. You come out regularly for some enjoyable exercise and lots of talking with friends. (Better than Netflix!)

Thank you to all – and all I missed in this brief list. Thank you!

Now for the new year…

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