National Youth Bowling Update

By Suzanne Ewan

A Cautionary Tale for Markers

The level of playing at the Youth Bowling in Burlington, Ontario was very high and Luci was happy to be competing again.  

Unfortunately in a game with 2 of her other competitors the marker made a mistake on the winning end and reversed the 3 points gained to the wrong player and essentially assigned the win to the loser.  The girls didn’t notice the mistake and signed the cards.  BCB refused to correct the mistake and that unfortunately put the 2+Luci in a 3-way tie for the bronze medal match.  Luci had the highest differential but they do it differently at juniors (we found out the hard way!) and it went head to head prior matches differential and she was 3rd by 2 points.  So she got eliminated from the bronze medal match because of their error.  It was heartbreaking for her.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that a marker doesn’t hold a huge responsibility.  Tough way to get knocked out.

Really amazing competition though – lots of talented players out there and some great games were played.

Team BC: Luci to the left, Eric Ewan to the far right

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