What a pleasant weekend for Opening Day! As a teaser to festivities, a WW2ish fighter roared overhead from Qualicum Beach airport. Was this Roger Yorke’s original T-28 Trojan military trainer?

Club President Lynn Chwartacki welcomed members and special guests.

We had the pleasure of a visit from Mayor Brian Wiese and Councillor Teunis Westbroek. They kindly took time out of a busy schedule to put on a demonstration of their skills in lawn bowling. Teunis delivered the first bowl to an excellent position just a metre past the jack.

Then Brian rolled his bowl to a remarkable half-metre from the jack!

Next on the agenda was a Spider, supervised by Mick Banks, where everyone rolled a bowl to the centre of the Green. The prize was won by a joyful Janice Baird.

As we played our first Outdoor match, we were reminded that real grass is much heavier than our Indoor carpet!

An impressive distraction was the flyover by the flight of Snowbirds from Comox.

To close the aerial show, a SAR Cormorant flew over the town.

Following the on-field play we all adjourned to the clubhouse for refreshments and delightful cakes from Vicki’s kitchen.

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