Notes re. Session 2

Fall Classic Tournament – We still have room for more players in the Fall Classic.  This is an Adjusted Draw tournament running on Nov 13 and 14.  A max of 36 players can play.  The format is a 5 game round robin within sections, 8 end games, with finals on the Sunday afternoon.

Session Two sign ups – There is room in some of the leagues.  Men’s on Mon at 9am (5 players), Women’s on Tues at 9am (3 players), Scramble on Wed at 11:30 (5 players), Singles on Wed at 6:30pm (1 player), Pairs on Thurs at 11:30 (10 players – may be cancelled), Triples on Thurs at 6:30pm (2 players), Pairs on Fri at 9am (2 players) and Pairs on Sat at 10:30 (8 players – may be cancelled).  There is also a sheet for spares.  Sign up sheets are on the table under the QBLBC sign in the indoor hall.  Thank you to everyone who has signed up so far.  Session Three will start on Jan 3rd. Sign up for that session will be available in Dec.

Allan Wood

Games Chair

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