Notes From the Games Chair

Maggie and Jiggs – We have 12 teams at this time.  Game time will be 10 am and approx 12:30.  Please arrive by 9:30 to get organized and have trial ends before the first game.  There will be social time after the games with snacks and drinks.

Indoor signups – There are a number of leagues that have openings. If you are thinking about playing indoors this session, please confirm with Membership Chair, Darlene, regarding your registration and then signup on the Club schedule board for the league(s) that have openings.  The Drop-in Open draws will run on Tues, Thurs, Sat and Sun at 2 pm.  I will be finalizing some of the leagues this week and posting schedules for the first session.  At this time we are looking at combining the Scramble leagues into one session on Wed at 11:15 and one on Fri at 1:30.  Low interest leagues will be cancelled unless we see more signups.

Use of Indoor Club bowls – The club will be reviewing the policy that is to be used regarding use of personal bowls or club bowls.  We are asking that anyone who has put aside club bowls for their own use indoors, please return them to the racks.  We will let you know what the procedure will be for use of club bowls prior to the start of the season.

: Allan

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