Bulletin 5 September

Two Items

First, from Allan: The Men’s Pairs will take place on Sept 8th and 9th.  We currently have 8 men signed up.  If you are interested in playing, cut-off to enter is Sunday afternoon.  We need 4 more bowlers to expand the draw. 8 players will make 4 teams and we will play a round robin between the 4 teams. 

The Women’s Pairs will be played on Sept 15th and 16th.  More players are required to make an even number of teams.  Cut-off for the tournament will be Sept 12th.

For both events, please check the tournament board in the clubhouse.

Next tournament to be played will be the Indoor/Outdoor on Sept 25th.  A one day event with all participants playing one game outdoor and one game indoor.  Poster and signup sheet to be posted on the Games board.

Secondly, from Mick (click the bendy arrows, on the left, for page 2):


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