Bulletin 4 July

Thursday saw the start of better times and hopefully should get the Club back to near normal. Most restrictions have been lifted and, if CANADA DAY was anything to go by, we are all ready to make a fresh start.

Baking Needed

Vicki is back in the kitchen and is trying to get it back up and running. We are now able to have club competitions so there will be the obvious need for cake and cookies for the mid game snack. All donations will be welcome. Please pass on to Vicki or leave in the kitchen fridge. Please label the containers or bags with your name.

Club Mixed Pairs

This is the first Club Competition for many months and Is set to go on Saturday 10th/ Sunday 11th July, only a week away.
The format is Mixed Pairs with individual entry and drawn teams. The signup sheet is on the Games notice board.
Access to the Club, at the moment, is limited to when there is an afternoon draw. Arrangements are being made to make the Clubhouse more accessible.

More entries are needed.

Garage Sale

The garage sale is set for Saturday 7th August.
The response so far has been good but more items are required. Please check around and bring what you can. Vicki will still be at the Club on Mondays between 9.00 am and 11.00 am, and Lynn on Wednesdays between the same times. You can also contact Vicki or Lynn to arrange for a different time.
From Monday 26th July the sale will be set up in the main Club House so Vicki and Lynn will be at the club until Friday 30th July between 9.00 am and 2.00 pm every day. Assistance for the actual garage sale will be required and further details will be circulated nearer the day.

Club Calendar

A new Club Calendar has been made up for the remaining 3 months of the Summer Season.
Check the Club Web Site and notice board for further information.
An attempt has been made to fit in several Club Competitions but the actual dates may be subject to change. You will be informed of any changes.

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