Bulletin 27 June

At last, we can celebrate Canada Day.
This year it is on Thursday 1st July.
The day will begin at the Club at 10 00 am.
Thought it would be cooler in the morning.
First off will be a photo shoot.
Bowling will be organized by Mike Ward.
Cake will be organized by Vicki.
Bar will be organized by Dawn.
Dress code is red and white.
There will still be some Covid restrictions but we will work together to make everything work.

Club News

A new club calendar has been worked on for the
rest of the summer season but as the circumstances
are changing frequently there may be some changes.
As you should be aware we are now in Stage 2 of the
Restart plan with Stage 3 hopefully coming into effect
On July 1st. This will bring bigger changes and bring us
back to near normal. Much has happened over the last
16 months or so, but your Board of Directors and
Games committee have tried to keep things running as
Smoothly as possible bearing in mind the many restrictions


You will probably be already aware that the Town
awarded us a $4000 Covid Relief Grant.
Thanks to Lynn for her efforts in applying for this grant.
Part of this money has gone towards the purchase of four sets of much needed new club bowls for use in novice coaching.

Garage Sale

We still do not have a date but there will be a
GARAGE SALE this year. Good quality saleable
items are still required to make it as successful
as previous years.
Drop off days are Monday and Wednesday between
9.00 am and 11.00 am. Please do not leave items
outside the door. If necessary, contact Lynn or Vicki.
They will arrange a different time.

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