Bulletin 30 May

Great News!

We Are Back!

New Bowling format
I am sure that you already know that things in general are getting very much better. This also goes for lawn bowling. I think you will be surprised how better it is.
On Thursday, 27th May, we received the go ahead from Bowls BC and Via Sport to make radical changes to the restrictions on Lawn Bowling. Your Board of Directors and Games Committee met today and set up a new bowling format for our Club.
We are now allowed to bowl singles, pairs, triples or cutthroat on all eight rinks. There will be no need for physical distancing and wearing masks whilst outdoors.
However, masks must be worn when indoors, (using washrooms or collecting Club bowls.)
Sanitizing bowling equipment is not mandatory (now optional).
Waivers and Medical Questionnaires are still mandatory and all bowlers must fill out the attendance sheet each time you bowl.
New Guidelines are being prepared and will be circulated.
This is your new format for weekly bowling Starting Wednesday 2nd June:
Monday – Closed for greens maintenance
Tuesday – Open Pairs League – 6.00 pm (duration to be decided)
Wednesday – Men’s Draw – 9.30 am Open Draw – 1.00pm
Thursday – Ladies Draw – 9.30 am Organized coaching – 1,00 pm (details from Lynn)
Friday – Open Draw – 1.00 pm
Saturday – Open Draw – 1.00 pm
Sunday – Open Draw – 1.00 pm.

A daily calendar for June has been posted on the web site. As time progresses this calendar will be updated.

A Draw Master will attend each session but will be able to bowl.
Length and format of games to be decided.
It is not now necessary to book your session so if you booked for the next week or any future
sessions, they are now all cancelled. All you have to do now is turn up at the green at least 15
minutes before the day and draw of your choice and enjoy the bowling.

That’s it for the changes we have been able to make but please read on – we do need some help.

Drawmasters Needed

To make the system work efficiently we need Drawmasters for each Open Draw.
It is a commitment to attend one or more weekly Open Draws.
Previous experience is not required as full instruction will be given. Believe me it is not difficult and if you want to take part in that specific draw it is a definite bonus.
Obviously if we do not get sufficient volunteers the Draws will have to be reduced.
If you are interested, please contact Janice at jsyb@shaw.ca

Pairs League

Starting on Tuesday 8th June at 6.00 pm we will be organizing an Open Mixed Pairs League. This is for teams of choice and will run for several weeks. The actual duration to be decided. This league is just to get those interested back to competitive but not too serious bowling. There will not be a big prize at the end of this but there is a trophy. We need a maximum of 16 pairs. There will be a Sign-Up Sheet prominently displayed on the outside deck. Please sign up as soon as possible so as not to be disappointed

Loan of Club Bowls

As sanitizing bowls and equipment is optional the need for loaning Club bowls are no longer necessary.
Those members that have Club bowls in their possession please return the bowls to the rack in the club house and delete your name from the sheet.
The Club bowls will then be available to loan daily when playing in any of the daily draws.

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