Bulletin 11 May

Session Format Update

We are in the process of updating the Web Site Bookings Format to, hopefully, make booking easier and more informative.

We are now into our second week and we are pleased to see that the number of bowlers signing up for the sessions is very good. We are still restricted to 10 bowlers but as from Thursday 13th May the session format will resume as originally set out in the outdoor season planning. This will help our new novices when they join us on the Green to take part in their first sessions. 

Morning sessions will be Open Pairs – Bowl with your choice of partner (When number of bowlers attending permit). Afternoon sessions will be an Open Draw – All bowlers attending the session will draw a position and rink (When number of bowlers attending permit). Session Supervisors will organise the necessary format for each individual session and use singles or cutthroat when necessary.Your help and understanding in these early stages is much appreciated. 

Mick, Janice, Lynn and George

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