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Social Diiissstancing

Please ignore anything you read in the local paper last week the information was incorrect.

Outdoor Bowling

The summer season will start on Wednesday 5th May.

Initially there will be bowling twice a day each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 10:00 am and 1: 00 pm. All sessions must be booked in advance using the Club web site qblbc.ca.

There will be a maximum of 10 bowlers per session. Hopefully this will change as the season progresses.

There will be a supervisor for each session and the game format will be as Open Pairs in the morning and an Open Draw in the afternoon.

The choice is yours.

Please Note: All bowlers have to fill in the Waiver and Medical Questionnaire that are in this site’s Menu. These must be handed in before you bowl for the first time this season even if you submitted the forms last year. 

Please continue to check this website for further details.


Your membership crew were in attendance at the Club setup on the rear deck, braving the elements, to sign up new and previous members. Saturday saw a good turnout, Sunday had few show up (in the drizzle).

We still need more members to sign up to help with the never-ending running costs of the Club. If you have not rejoined but still wish to do so please contact Darlene at the following address, membership@qblbc.ca.


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