Covid-19 Update


On Dec. 20th 2020 the Health Authorities issued a directive banning indoor sports including lawn bowling

Since then, a new directive on Jan 8th 2021 has been issued which addresses new protocols that would allow a limited version of indoor bowling with additional restrictions and limited to two players. The board has decided that this is not practical and with infections showing no sign of declining voted to remain closed until there is a major improvement in conditions.

On a happier note, Mick tells me that with Charles and George, they continue to work on the green and no doubt it will be in great shape for the start of outdoor bowling in May. We are assuming we will have a regular season of outdoor bowling and the start of indoor bowling in its normal format in October 2021. What format the outdoor bowling will take is not yet clear.

As you know, membership was carried over from April 2019 to April 2021, but for the 2021/22 season members will need to pay their annual fees in order for the club to continue to function. More information on this later.

Hope we all get our vaccinations in a timely manner and move ahead with our lives although the wearing of masks, etc. will probably continue for some time.

Stay safe,

Ken Davies


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