Bulletin 2 Oct

The Outdoor Bowling season is officially at an end.
Work is in progress to open up the Indoor Season and conform to the protocols for bowling indoors at Phase Two level. There will be more on this after next week’s board meeting.
The green has now been aerated and sanded as usual at the beginning of October. Thinks were different this year due to Covid restrictions.
There was a reduced crew which could have made things take longer.
We had problems, however, with the breakdown of the Aerating machine. Which meant that the Monday start was cancelled and we were unable to start until Wednesday. Thanks to the help from our machine servicing company we were able to borrow a machine to complete the job.
The crew worked hard and we finished the job on Thursday morning.
My personal thanks to the Crew.
The condition of the green is such that it is, and will be, unplayable for the foreseeable future.
If the weather holds and the green makes a remarkable recovery there may be a possibility of further outdoor bowling.
Until further notice the green will remain closed.
Mick Banks
Greens and Grounds Director

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