Bulletin 2 August

Once again, our garage sale was a success! A huge thank you to all who donated, to all that purchased, and to all who volunteered their time to help out during the sale. Those who put up signs and tents, who cleaned and priced items, lifted, carried, took loads to recycling and SOS, provided coffee and goodies for the volunteers, and who generally were there to lend a hand at any time…, many, many thanks!

Sales were $3120.00 And pre-sales were $2196.00 for a total of $5316.00. This seems to be our m/o….. $5200 last year and $5400 the year before. (approximately).

Till next time, Barbara Berg

Weekly Bowling

Phase Two got off to a slow start last week. Could be a combination of the changes to the guidelines and very hot temperatures. I hope that we get a bit more support.
We are striving to maintain protocols and keep safe.
Our system works and keeps the bowlers as safe and comfortable as possible. Please book into a session and enjoy the pairs format for games.
Do not forget, if you have not bowled in phase one, on your first visit bring along your signed Waiver and Medical Questionnaire, found in the menu above.

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