Bulletin 26 July

Phase 2 Bowling

We are set to go ahead with Phase Two Return to Play.
The basic difference is that we can now play pairs. This should make your bowling much more interesting and a bit more competitive. The full revised Guidelines for this Phase are attached please study for full details.
The booking process remains the same. You can still book singly but if you can find a partner try to book in as a pair.
We will start this Wednesday 29th and see how it goes.
I hope that this will attract more bowlers to the Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday sessions. If you want to try the new style bowling check with the Club Website at https://qblbc.ca for full information and read the updated Guidelines.

On your very first visit you must read and sign and bring with you a Waiver and Medical Questionnaire (Both attached). Bowlers in Phase One have already filled in these forms.
Enjoy the weather and good bowling.

Garage Sale

ALL SET FOR SATURDAY 1ST AUGUST 8.30 am to 1.00 pm

Don’t forget our ‘Members (and friends) Garage Sale’ on Tuesday July 28th.
from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. People have been working very hard for weeks to make this fundraiser
a success!
Please come out and support your club! We have something for everyone.
Jigsaw puzzle, anyone?
Thanks Barbara

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